Atomic Blue Sender

Atomic Blue Sender 2.22

Bluetooth scanner and broadcaster
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Finds all the Bluetooth connected devices in its range and sends mass messages via Bluetooth. Useful for in-store marketing campaigns or promotions.

Atomic Blue Sender allows users to communicate with every Bluetooth® enabled device passing in the surrounding area, sending offers, specials, coupons, product details for advertisement and promotion of your products. This broadcasting method is called Bluetooth marketing and is a part of mobile marketing technology.
Atomic Blue Sender can be used to promote in malls, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, real estates, shows, banks, nightclubs, cafes, bars, etc. Atomic Blue Sender is affordable and effective software that allows you to promote your business or engage new customers without making any large investments.
Atomic Blue Sender is very easy in use. All you have to do is to launch the program and add the files containing the information you want to convey. After you add the files containing your advertisement and the program will start scanning for devices and send.
What you Can Send
Atomic Blue Sender will enable you to send a wide range of contents stored in different formats:
vCards (VCF files)
Text (TXT files)
Animated images (GIF files)
Multimedia files (3GP, AVI, MPG)
Images an pictures (JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.)
ABS requires that Microsoft Windows Bluetooth stack is installed and that the Bluetooth transmitter supports the Microsoft stack.

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